1. the receptor mare leaves at 45 days after a confirmed pregnancy by KI Hof Ter Leeuwe.
  2. Donor or recipient mares will not be released if insufficient notice is given or the bill is not paid prior to departure.
  3. From day 45 all the risks and cost are for the undersigned owner, a special insurance can cover this risks.
  4. Donor Mare Owner is responsible for any insurance desired on the Donor Mare and/or pregnant recipient and/or in utero foal. KI Hof Ter Leeuwe does not provide insurance.
  5. Donor Mare Owner is responsible for parentage testing of any embryo transfer foal.
  6. Donor Mare Owner is responsible for all Breed Registry rules and regulations .
  7. If at any time KI Hof Ter Leeuwe determines, in its sole judgment and discretion, that the Donor Mare or any Recipient Mare needs to be transferred to the Vet Hospital for medical or surgical treatment, the Donor Mare owner is responsible for all charges. These charges are to be billed separately and must be paid in full before the animal can be returned back to KI of Ter Leeuwe.
  8. KI Hof Ter Leeuwe will make reasonable efforts to contact Donor Mare Owner in the event that such transfer is required; however, if Donor Mare Owner cannot be immediately reached, Donor Mare Owner hereby authorizes KI Hof Ter Leeuwe to initiate such transfer, care and treatment.
  9. From day 45 the receptor can stay for 12 €/ day.
  10. Following up the pregnancy, birth process and holding receptor and foal till the weaning is possible: “birth guidance “
  11. The receptor is and stays owned by KI Hof Ter Leeuwe and has to come back to KI Hof Ter Leeuwe in a healthy conditions when the foal gets the age of 6 months.
  12. If the under signer wants to keep the receptor mare longer, he will be charged 100 €/month extra.
  13. If the receptor mare dies or is not back before 1 march 2013 KI Hof Ter Leeuwe will invoice 1200 €.
  14. From day 45 the under signer is responsible for the recipient and here embryo. He’s suspected to keep her in healthy conditions ( deworming and vaccination ). To help to prevent abortion he needs to vaccinate the recipient with Duvaxyn EHV1,4 on the 5e,7e,and 9 month of pregnancy.
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