Cryopreservation of equine semen

The advantages of freezing equine semen are; long-term storage of important genetic matarial, insurance against a sudden loss of the stalion, availability of semen when fresh/chilled semen is not available, possibilty for global export of equine semen...

However, not every stallion is suitable for the cryopreservation of his semen. After an extensive semen analysis, we will investigate whether your stallion is qualified for this. The availability of two freezing computers makes it possible to freeze two samples of the same semen with two different extenders. Hereby we can the determine the most optimal extender for your stallions semen.

Freezing equine semen
Boarding includes daily turn out, blanketing when needed with owner provided blankets, and owner provides supplements
Semen storage by lot /Month
Advanced semen processing techniques for sub fertile stallions
Re-freezing of one frozen straw for ICSI/ up to 100 straws
Health examinations ( analyzed by Labo Böse ) before starting the freezing program
Sampling & transport to Labo Böse depending the chosen program 1, 2 or 4 times
Analyses Labo Böse for use in Belgium
Analyses Labo Böse for use in Europe
Analyses Labo Böse for use out of Europe
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