Below you can find our catalog of domestic and foreign top stallions. If you can't find the desired stallion, you can alwayw provide the semen yourself. Transport costs and VAT are always at the expense of the customer. Don't forget to check our list with exclusive offers

Stallion Pedigree Birth year
Aktion J Pion & Akteur 1982 More info
Avanti Hexagon's Rubiquil & Jetset D 2005 More info
Caritas Vanitas & Makelaar 1984 More info
Delvecchio Zirocco Blue VDL & Ahorn Z 2008 More info
Ezoliet Zeoliet & Micro 1986 More info Promo
Farmer Voltaire & Amor 1987 More info Promo
Ferro Ulft & Farn 1987 More info
Hamlet I love you & Gotthard 1989 More info Promo
Jagermeister Renville & Voltaire 1991 More info Promo
Jolie Damiro B & Voltaire 1991 More info Promo
Julio Marinier xx Blakeney xx & Worden xx 1975 More info
Kannan Voltaire & Nimmerdor 1992 More info
Kennedy Ferro & Saluut 1992 More info
Lavador Nimmerdor & Ubis 1993 More info
Magic Darco Darco & Ramiro Z 1994 More info
Metall Ferro & Ramiro Z 1994 More info
Mr. Blue Couperus & Oldenburg 1988 More info
N-Aldato Nimmerdor & Ladykiller xx 1982 More info Promo
Orlando Heartbreaker & Darco 1996 More info
Patent Colino & Landon 1997 More info Promo
President Clinton & Voltaire 1997 More info
Udancer Hero Dancer Prince xx & Voltaire 2001 More info
Untouchable Hors la Loi II & Heartbreaker 2001 More info
Urame Oram_ & Nimmerdor 2001 More info Promo
Zamiro Ramiro Z & Krawaal xx 1981 More info Promo