Below you can find our catalog of domestic and foreign top stallions. If you can't find the desired stallion, you can alwayw provide the semen yourself. Transport costs and VAT are always at the expense of the customer. Don't forget to check our list with exclusive offers

Stallion Pedigree Birth year
Caesar v/d Helle Cantus & Landlord 1995 More info Promo
Camus Calypso I & Cortino I 1989 More info
Cash and Carry Cash & Landgraf I 1998 More info
Castelino v/d Helle Cassini I & Landgraf I 2003 More info Promo
Cero I Calido I & Come on 2001 More info
Cevin Calando I & Capitano 1991 More info
Chilli Willi Casall ASK & Lord 2008 More info
Churchil Cortino II & Ahorn Z 1996 More info Promo
Clapton z Caretino Z & Landgraf I 1999 More info Promo
Colino Capitol I & Calypso II 1990 More info Promo
Couterro U Contendro I & Cassini-I 2002 More info
Echo of light Come on & Contender 2005 More info
Fromecs Liandero Libero H & Silbersee 1998 More info Promo
Goodwill Landgraf I & Moltke I 1988 More info
Hemmingway Leandro & Romantiker 1989 More info Promo
Lamont Lancer II & Painter's Row xx 2003 More info
Landaris Landgraf I & Caletto II 1989 More info Promo
Landetto Landgraf I & Ronald 1987 More info Promo
Landino Landgraf I & Roman 1990 More info
Lawrence Lantaan & Landgraf I 1988 More info Promo
Livingstone Landgraf I & Cor de la Bryre 1982 More info Promo
Locarno Gz Lord & Caletto I 1992 More info
Rock 'n Roll /Little Rock Landaris & Roman 1991 More info
Saif Al Adel Ramiro Z & Raimondo 1990 More info